A Woman President? Thank you Jesus

August 4, 2016

Last week, history was made when a major American political party nominated a woman as their candidate for President of the United States. If she wins the election, she will join a significant group of other women around the world who have risen to leadership in their countries, including but not limited to the Chancellor of Germany and the Prime minister of Britain.

What do all these nations have in common? They are so-called Christian nations. The history of Europe is the history of Christianity. The EU was born out of the Holy Roman Empire. Christianity played a pivotal role in the development of these nations.

On the other hand, women continue to suffer in Islamic nations. I first thought my title should be “A woman president, thank God.” By that, I meant thank God, not Allah. It is the God of the Bible who created Male and Female in His image. Who said to both of them that they together have stewardship over the earth.

What led to the difference between the treatment of women in Western nations and Islamic and other nations of various religions? Christian principles of the dignity of all people, of the worth of both men and women, equal rights, the sanctity of all life.

In Islamic countries, many women are property, often sold into slavery or forced into polygamous marriages, or victims of so-called honor killings. They can’t vote, can’t drive, must cover themselves from head to toe.

Who do we have to thank that we don’t live in a society like those? Jesus Christ.


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