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Book review of “Healed at Last”

August 4, 2014

Healed at Last
by Scott Blackwell
© Matthias Media 2014
199 pages

Once again Matthias Media has exported theological truth from Australia to the United States. Truth that many American Christians would do well to heed. Healed at Last is a much-needed corrective to the many errors of the so-called faith healing movement.

The author uses his experience to demonstrate the problem with using experience. Scott Blackwell was stricken with pneumococcal meningitis as a young boy. He has suffered with the effects of the disease his whole life. He has prayed for healing his whole life. And his prayers have been answered, just not in the way the faith healers promise. He has received spiritual healing while he waits for that final day when he will receive ultimate healing, that day when Christ makes all things new.

This is more than just a testimony, or a Biblical exposition on healing. Although it is both, this book is also a book on how to properly read and interpret Scripture. In fact I believe that is its strongest point. Blackwell stresses the difference between the descriptive and prescriptive elements of Scripture. If more Christians would understand this division much error in interpretation could be avoided.

I highly recommend this book. Matthias Media freely provided this book for review and there was no expectation of a positive review.